It wasn’t easy to think of a company name that says something about yourself, your services, your goals, your motivation etc. and that also has Logo MVS Sitesomething to do with Autism. Well … I was stuck for a moment. And then it came to me… just three letters, but so much meaning, so deep and so rich. It was nice, funny and challenging to think of even more options, of what these letters could stand for. So the site is characterized by: M V S and has a soft spot for Autism.

MVS (Coaching):

What do I want from the experts? What do I want for my child? What do I want from the counselors? What do I want for my family? What do I want from school? What do I want for myself? What do I want from society?
After many bruises, bloody noses, tears and heartbreaking events, the answer was soon very clear to me.
I would like and wish only one thing for everyone: that people think along with us, feel and collaborate. We can already achieve so much with these three ingredients!
And that is what I do during my coaching.
I think along with you about possibilities, opportunities and provisions.
I try to feel what is going on, what your driving force is, who you are and what you are capable of doing.
And I bring all the ingredients and separate islands together, towards each other, for each other and next to each other so we can work together towards a goal, and together make the road beautiful, free, and easy for your child.
In addition to that I work with a group of professionals and when necessary, I can refer you to other experts.