Do you, just like me, think that everything costs money? Are you also disappointed in ‘welfare’? Are you of the opinion that everything is animaatjes-geld-03536becoming more expensive, without improving quality?

Take a look at the flexible system I have developed.

Over the years I have experienced anything and everything. That is why I can empathize with your (financial) situation. Having lack of power, which may entail a difficult financial situation, is frustrating. But I cannot ‘let the payment of my services go’ either. I do think that every person has the right to good information, care and support. That is why my payment system is very flexible.

Herewith my guidelines:

For Thinking, Feeling and Cooperating  along with you I charge a basic rate of € 30 per hour (ex.VAT) on appointment. This is for people who are not able to pay more (e.x. single , unemployed mothers) 

What you would like to pay as an extra fee, is up to you.

Here are some examples:

21 % of the € 30 goes to VAT, so only € 24,79 remains. That’s why I have to charge 30 euro per hour excl. VAT.

A consultation with your family doctor: on average € 70 per hour. How can your family doctor help you with Autism?

A consultation with a psychiatrist: on average € 130 per hour. To make a diagnosis you need a psychiatrist. But is your psychiatrist properly trained and does he know more than regular healthcare to help your child further?

Complementary care consultation: on average € 90 per hour. Does your alternative therapist have a clear understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders? Does he have a good appreciation of the situation? Is he good in thinking along with you?

PGB maximum hourly rate for 2013: € 63 per hour. You can pay me through PGB, however I advise against it with regard to accountability problems that may entail and the minimum amount of supervision hours/costs I aim for.

Consultation by telephone/mail: € 10 for 12 minutes.

Skype consultation: according to your request for assistance. Guideline: € 30 per hour.