Session: I am very practical. My goal is for you to actually get started with the advice you are given and become independent in doing so as soon as possible (thus minimizing the appointments and reducing your costs). I offer a guide that can save time, money and energy. I know from my own experience that it is rather complicated to find the proper help for autism in the Netherlands. I have the right network and depending on your request for assistance, I will refer you to the proper experts.
Several options are possible: we can meet by appointment, have a telephone conversation, a skype session, or a 12-minute question session by e-mail.
The first meeting is preferably face-to-face and takes approximately 1.5 hours: a short case history, your request for assistance and plan of action. Before we meet I recommend you send me a short e-mail with your main question, so I can determine whether your request lies within my expertise.